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Is it better to drink your smoothie before or after your workout?
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Is it better to drink your smoothie before or after your workout?

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    Smoothies are perfect workout meals because they give you the healthy boost you need. 

 The good news is both!

 Smoothies can be the perfect pre-workout or post workout meal! 

 Pre Workout 

For your pre-workout, it is ideal to drink your smoothie an hour to 30 minutes before your workout so it is properly digested but still gives you the extra strength you need! A smoothie before a workout is also a good source of hydration to keep you refreshed throughout your day. The best pre workout smoothies are rich in fruits like our Banana Split, Pitaya in Paradise, Strawberry Sunrise and Mind Over Mango smoothies. 

Post Workout

Smoothies are also a great post-workout drink to make you feel refreshed and full! Smoothies are an excellent source of protein to replenish your body after your workout. The best type of smoothies to drink after a workout are green smoothies high in protein and antioxidants. Smoothies will also hydrate you to refuel your body. Our best post-workout smoothies would be Down-to-Earth, Pineapple Passion and Keto-Friendly Caco. 

Smoothies are a great pre and post workout drink! They’re refreshing, nutritious and delicious! To make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste make sure to pick up one of our smoothie for before or after your workout! Check out some of our options under our product page.