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Our Story
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Our Story

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80 years ago the LiveMore family entered the fruit business. Over the years we have found the highest quality farms, farmers and partners to help us thrive and succeed. The countless years of experience has allowed us to form many relationships and partnerships that will last a lifetime. It has allowed us to produce quality ingredients, ensuring that we have created the best possible products for our community. 

It wasnt until after our CEO struggled with chronic health issues, that LiveMore was born. He made the decision to transform his lifestyle through clean organic eating. Utilizing his 80 years of family tradition in the fruit business, he worked with our partners around the globe to discover the purest ingredients with the highest nutritional values. At LiveMore, we truly believe in the importance of wellness through organic fruits and we strive to provide that to our customers. 

...he worked with our partners around the globe to discover the purest ingredients with the highest nutritional values... 


Wellness through fruits

Our mission is to provide wellness through fruits by producing more sustainable products with innovative blends.

We recognize that 90% of Americans arent consuming enough fruits and veggies each day. Federal recommendations call for 1.5 cups of fruit and 2-2.5 cups of vegetables every day. The inability to meet these requirements can lead to higher risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. LiveMore aims to reduce this percentage by providing easier ways for consumers to fulfill their fruit and veggie intake. 

As a plant-based, organic company, we are constantly striving for ways to give back to the earth and our community. LiveMore is always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and adapt our packaging to more sustainable alternatives. As we aim to become more environmentally friendly, we ask that you be patient with us and please be on the lookout for new changes coming your way!


Less is more

We have always believed that when it comes to the food we put in our bodies, less is more. Less is more in the sense that real, whole foods, are rich in nutrients and free of chemical additives. Essentially this is what humans ate for thousands of years until processed foods were introduced in the 20th century. 

More ingredients means highly processed. This does not mean that a smoothie with more fruits is bad. No, it simply means that once labels start including preservatives and words you cant pronounce, then you should stay away. In a perfect world we would all get our food fresh from local farmers and everything would be homemade. But were busy people, we have jobs, families, and lives to attend to. So naturally we have started to gravitate towards foods with a higher shelf life, usually this means foods that are processed. Higher shelf life means more convenience for us. This is exactly why we created LiveMore Organics. Not only do we have a 2 year long shelf life but we also contain 5-7 SIMPLE ingredients in all of our products. Theres no need to worry about preservatives you cant pronounce, food dyes or any other harmful additives. With LiveMore you are  getting the best of both worlds. Our organic smoothie cups are ready to blend, but also real, whole foods that are extremely rich in nutrients and essential vitamins. We are convenient, simple and DELICIOUS!

Eating meals with simple ingredients contain countless benefits for your body and mind. 


Farm to table convenience

Not only do we value simple ingredients, but also convenience. We recognize the countless hours of work each and every one of you put into your days. Whether youre a stay at home parent, working a 9-5, a college student, retired, whatever your days might consist of, LiveMore is here for you. Our easy, ready to blend products are convenient for your busy days. We value healthy, simple foods but we also acknowledge the flexibility ready to make meals can give a person. LiveMore provides you with BOTH of those valuable assets, giving you healthy meals on the go.