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Why are all of our ingredients certified organic?
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Why are all of our ingredients certified organic?

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What makes food organic?

We often get asked what the label “Organic” really means. USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables are grown according to federal guidelines. These guidelines make up the soil quality, pest and weed control and the use of additives such as fertilizers. To be considered USDA certified organic, fruit and vegetables farmers must use natural fertilizers rather than chemical fertilizers. Instead of spraying insecticides to reduce pests and diseases, natural alternative routes are taken such as the incorporation of insects, birds or traps. Instead of using chemical herbicides to control weeds, organic farmers generally turn to a method called crop rotation. Crop rotation uses a series of different crops that are interchanged overtime to maintain a rich soil while keeping the weeds and pests from acclimating to the crops.

Farmers who practice organic farming stay away from bio-persistent, non chemical pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Organic farmers prioritize the land they are farming on by using its environmental qualities to their benefit. These practices rely on the natural biodiversity of the land to produce healthy and successfully thriving foods. It’s a production system that takes into account every aspect of the ecosystem to constantly regenerate healthy soil and produce.

Organic farming - LiveMore Organics

Why is organic food more expensive?

Organic foods tend to be more expensive than non-organic foods. This is mostly due to the fact that farmers need to take a more hands on approach when dealing with pests, weeds and diseases. Conventional farmers use pesticides to control these things while organic farmers take more of a biological approach, incorporating aspects of the environment. 


Why Choose Organic?

Overall we believe that eating organically is better for your mental and physical health.

Organic Strawberry Farm Smoothie Fruit


The best organic smoothie cup on the market

We believe LiveMore is the BEST smoothie cup on the market, but we are the ONLY certified organic smoothie cup out there. At LiveMore Organics we take pride in knowing that our ingredients are 100% Certified Organic. When consuming non organic foods it’s important to understand what other substances you’re putting into your body and how those might affect you in both short term and long term. Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and rodenticides are only a few pesticide categories that make up the hundreds that the average person may ingest on a day to day basis. 

For us it’s simple. We believe in wellness through fruits, we believe in beginning your healing journey through the countless nutrients, vitamins and medicinal benefits that fruits have to offer. 

For us it’s simple. We believe in wellness through fruits, we believe in beginning your healing journey through the countless nutrients, vitamins and medicinal benefits that fruits have to offer. On a larger scale, reducing our carbon footprint is something we value as a company. We have committed to organic farming practices to not only reduce our greenhouse gas emissions but to also ensure that we are farming our produce in the least environmentally impactful way possible. 

 Organic Pre-Made Smoothie Cups

We’ve chosen Organic farming practices because it reduces pollution, conserves water, and reduces soil erosion. We see the long term effects non-organic farming practices can have on this earth and we believe it is our duty to prevent those from the beginning. Farming organically decreases energy use and poses lesser threats to nearby animals and people living in the area. Conventional farming substantially increases greenhouse gas emissions while organic farming practices reduce our carbon footprint and produces healthier replenishing for the ecosystems involved.


It is important to state that organic farming is not completely pesticide-free. Compared to conventional farming, organic farming tends to use pesticide products that are derived from more natural substances. Many believe that organic farming is the complete avoidance of chemical and pesticide use when it’s simply a more traditional form of farming. Organic farming practices take into account how the overall ecosystem is affected. Instead of working against the environment, they work with it by rotating crops and using animal manure to generate the best possible soil and produce. Just as LiveMore emphasizes overall health, organic farming highlights complete system health.