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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


As each and every one of us navigates our hectic lives, we struggle to properly nourish our minds and bodies. In fact, 9 in 10 adults do not consume enough fruits and vegetables each day. Our founder, despite his family heritage of 80 years in the fruit business, was no exception. As a result, Brian found himself deficient in the most essential facets of daily nutrition, resulting in chronic disease and severe health complications. Doctors urged him to prioritize his daily fruit and vitamin servings, but as a father of three and business owner, he could not find the time. He scoured the grocery aisles for an easy solution but found that juicing and taking different supplements was far too costly and time consuming.

That’s when he realized: he had the resources and the knowledge to solve not only his problem, but also the problem of many. Turning to his roots, he utilized his strong connections from all over the world to select only the highest quality of fruits. From the farms in Chile to fields in Sri Lanka, LiveMore Organics is excited to launch 100% Organic Frozen Smoothie Blends–both convenient and delicious ways to get your daily fruit serving.